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[edit] Recently Finished Stuff

PhD Thesis

The official title is "Inference in Switching Linear Dynamical Systems Applied to Noise Robust Speech Recognition of Isolated Digits", but it essentially means "Machine Learning Applied to Speech Recognition". [ Read more... ]

[edit] Old Stuff

Self-Organisation of Locomotion in Modular Robots

The aim of this project is to study self-organisation capabilities in modular robotics and more particularly, how good locomotion behaviours may arise from the collaboration of a group of homogeneous and randomly connected modules. [ Read more... ]

The SOS Algorithm

SOS is an algorithm which uses evolution and learning to try to find solutions to discrete problems. Since solutions obtained are finite state machines (FSM) they are therefore easy to interpret, which makes SOS particularly suitable for problems involving the design of controllers. SOS uses a variation of reinforcement learning applied to FSM. [ Read more... ]

[edit] Recent Additions

2008-05-22 The final version of my PhD thesis is now available for download. [ link ]

2007-06-04 The OCaml code for training and testing a Bayesian Autoregressive HMM on speech data has been released. [ link ]

2007-02-02 Speech recognition using a Switching Autoregressive Hidden Markov Model. [ link ]

2007-01-29 Speech recognition and reconstruction using a Switching Autoregressive Linear Dynamical System. [ link ]

2007-01-25 How to compile/install the Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software (ATLAS) on a Unix system. [ link ]

[edit] Publications

The references of my publications, along with the PDF files, can be found here.